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The following is an illustration of how Ramco secures your data:


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1. What is SaaS?
SaaS stands for Software as a Service. SaaS is a “Software Application Delivery
Model” where a software vendor develops a web-native software application and
hosts and operates (either independently or through a third-party) the application for
use by its customers over the Internet. Customers do not pay heavy upfront charges
and instead pay subscription fees for using the software.
2. What are the differences between SaaS and conventional model?
Conventional ERP SaaS Model
High capital expenditure No capital expenditure
Direct & indirect investments No investments;
Ballooning costs Low-cost subscription model
Long implementation time Implement in weeks
Rigid Scalable
Limited access Anytime, anywhere access
Upgrades at extra cost Free upgrades
Limited licensing Flexible licensing
3. What is Ramco OnDemand ERP?
Ramco OnDemand ERP is the first full-fledged ERP catering to the needs of fast
growing businesses. A world-class software, it helps streamline and integrate your
business processes. It is delivered as a subscription service, giving real time access
to business information, at the click of a button. As easy to use as e-mail, it requires
minimal training and can be accessed from anywhere.
Ramco OnDemand ERP is a full-blown ERP that supports all your business processes.
In this model, no software is required at your end. All you need is an internet
4. What are the benefits of Ramco OnDemand ERP?
The benefits of Ramco OnDemand ERP include
Robust Growth
• End-to-end automation helps you focus on growing your business
• Complete visibility enables quick and smart decisions
Better management
• Ensures access anytime, anywhere
• Supports regulatory compliance
• Enables delegation and improves control
Cost savings
• No Capital expenditure. Minimal operating expenses only
• Start with what you need and scale as you grow
• Maintenance free – technology upgrades and data
• Dramatic reduction in recurring IT costs
Increased profitability
• Enhances visibility and ensures optimal utilization of materials, machinery and manpower
• Maximizes on opportunities
• Reduces business cycle time
• Optimizes working capital
5. What are the modules of Ramco OnDemand ERP?
The modules are
• Book keeping
• Accounts receivable
• Accounts payable
• Production
• Inventory management
• Cost planning and control
• Sales opportunities
• Sales and shipping
• Purchases and subcontracting
• Reports
• Human resources and payroll
• Service Management
• Warranty Management
• Business analytics
6. How quickly can businesses benefit from Ramco OnDemand ERP?
Companies can start benefiting from Ramco OnDemand ERP in very a short time due
to lower investments and minimal implementation times. The certainty of getting
benefits from the full blown and proven ERP are greater. Ramco OnDemand ERP
adapts to changes. It also eliminates the complexities of managing an ERP and hence
allows companies to focus on growing their business.
7. Is Ramco OnDemand ERP too expensive?
The option of running own IT department is extremely expensive. Ramco OnDemand
ERP comes without infrastructure costs, technical resource costs, AMC or Infrastructure refreshing costs and other
hidden costs normally encountered in a conventional ERP. The customer pays a
nominal subscription for availing the service. Hence, Ramco OnDemand ERP provides
high predictability and is very affordable.
8. Can Ramco OnDemand ERP be customized?
Yes, Ramco OnDemand ERP can be customized. Ramco OnDemand ERP has all the
features required to run an organization; if customization is required, it is feasible.
Tools are available for customization.
9. Is Ramco OnDemand ERP version specific?
No, Ramco OnDemand ERP is not version specific. Whenever new features are
added they are immediately updated in the existing system and made
available to all the clients.
10. How long would Ramco OnDemand ERP be usable?
Ramco OnDemand ERP is an evergreen solution that changes as your business
changes. It gets continuously updated with new features / modules.
11. What do I need to get started with Ramco OnDemand ERP?
All you need to have is a PC with an Internet Explorer version 6.0 or an equivalent browser and an internet
connection having a minimum bandwidth of 512 kbps.
12. What are the Key drivers of Ramco OnDemand ERP adoption in India?
Rapid explosion of the Internet/telecom
Power of a full-blown ERP now available as a service
Complexities of managing a traditional ERP – Unable to adequately focus on business
Necessity of an ERP in order to stay competitive
Long implementation times is a major resistance to conventional ERP adoption
13. What is the business model to market Ramco OnDemand ERP?
We are servicing our customers through an ecosystem of partners. Partners form a
key piece of this business and they would provide Sales, implementation & support
14. What profile of partners we are tying up with?
We are tying up with different types of partners based on the target organization size
and cluster. Therefore the partners range from
1. Large IT partners nationwide, who have experience in helping companies in
implementing ERP
2. Partners having a wide Sales network
3. Partners having cluster focus
15. Who is providing pre & post implementation support for OnDemand ERP?
Ramco and its extensive network of channel partners will provide the pre and post
implementation support.
16. How many users can simultaneously access Ramco OnDemand ERP
Ramco OnDemand ERP does not have any limitations on the number of simultaneous
17. How safe is my data when I use Ramco OnDemand ERP?
Your data is extremely safe at the Ramco Data Centers. Ramco is certified for
ISO27001 standards which is the international standard for data management and
security. In addition, no one can access your data without your permission, just like
a bank vault with a double lock system. We have a very detailed off-shore storage
process and a sophisticated disaster recovery system.
18. How safe and reliable is the communication backbone?
The communication is through noted service providers, who are also servicing the
likes of standard core banking solutions of other software. With the main service and
a hot back up (like Leased Line and ISDN), it is extremely safe and reliable.
19. What are the benefits of having the server at Ramco Data Centre?
The benefits of having the server at Ramco are
• No IT setup required
• No Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC)
• No more software and hardware upgrade headaches
• Standby technical resource not required
• Up-to-date on the latest technology
• Assured availability
20. What is the Implementation Methodology followed by Ramco to implement Ramco OnDemand ERP?
Ramco OnDemand ERP has a well defined methodology and a set of guidelines that
enable smooth and quicker implementation. The methodology is backed by Ramco’s
rich knowledge gained through implementing ERP suites for the past 18 years.
21. What is the support mechanism?
We have a 24x7 support system which will resolve the issues that have been raised
by the customer. Issues can be logged on to a Defect Tracking System and based on
the severity of the issue due priority will be given.



RAMCO Brochure.1 Ramco OnDemand ERP


RAMCO Brochure.2 –Business benefits delivered by Ramco OnDemand ERP


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